While shooting some bird photography at Myakka River State Park, I noticed this cormorant wrestling with what appeared to be a good sized fish. He was pretty far out, but I had my 500mm Nikon lens so I snapped a shot.

FishingCormorant wrestling with a decent sized fish.

I could tell he definitely had a nice fish, but he was just too far away to see much else.  After a few minutes of trying to get the fish down his gullet, he decided it was too big to swallow and decided to carry the fish somewhere else.  I'm guessing he decided to head to shore where he could eat it a little at a time.

CormorantSaw this guy wrestling with a fish at a distance. As he flew close, I snapped a shot. When I looked at the photo closely later, I realized he had a catfish.

As he flew closer, I snapped a few more photos and this one actually came out pretty well.  Well enough, in fact, that I discovered the cormorant had caught a catfish.  If you look closely, you can see the catfish's whiskers.